What we can offer

As a Team we offer support to settings and families in 3 main areas:


• Observations
• Input into meetings (Review, IEP, Multi-agency, TAC, ESCO etc)
• Helping to create an Autism friendly environment
• Recommending strategies to support the young person’s areas of development and modelling of those.
• Signposting to resources to support development of social communication skills
• Target setting for Individual Education Plans/Learning Maps
• Individual/group support for staff to enable young people to access the curriculum, removing barriers to learning.
• Providing support for transition.
• Helpline support - to speak to a member of the Working Together Team via phone or email


• The Working Together Team can offer a variety of development opportunities for staff and families.
• Practical training workshops in a specialist environment.
• INSET/staff meeting input.
• Specific training, tailored to the needs of the setting.
• Opportunities to visit an NAS accredited setting and see a working Autism friendly environment.
• Specialist training workshops for all areas of school staffing, (TAs, Teachers, SENCOs, Governers etc).
 Presentations for young people of all ages, at an appropriate level to encourage acceptance of difference.
 National Autism Education Trust training for schools at tiers 1, 2 and 3.
 ELKLAN training-Speech and Language Support for Verbally Able children with Autism

Support for Families

• We can provide Drop in sessions for families of children attending a mainstream setting. These are based in our outreach schools and will be organised through the school SENCO on a needs basis. The SENCO will then send out dates and times of availability.

• Training within settings alongside professionals.
• National Autism Education Trust training at tier 1.
• Helpline support - to speak to a member of the Working Together Team via phone or email

“The team always involve me with their work with my child, they forward me copies of their reports and findings and tell me the positives and any areas of concern and the best way to deal with any issue”
Parent Quote from NAS Accreditation Report 2013

  • The setting and family must have completed our “Referral to Service” booklet together. (Please see criteria for involvement) This is then sent to our central referral point and reviewed by a panel.  Both setting and family will be contacted after the panel review, with next steps.