WTT can support families through working with their Child or Young Person's setting


Support for Families




  • We are able to provide virtual meetings for families of children attending a mainstream setting. These would be at the request of our settings and will be organised through the SENCO on a needs basis. The SENCO will send out dates and times of availability.
  • Virtual themed training .
  • National Autism Education Trust Making Sense of Autism Training.
  • Helpline support - to speak to a member of the Working Together Team via phone or email








The team are very knowledgeable about best practice in supporting autistic pupils in mainstream education. They are committed to seeking to overcome obstacles to autistic pupils being included in mainstream schools. They recognise the importance of empowering and skilling up staff in mainstream schools. The team is established as a source of expertise in educating autistic pupils in mainstream settings” NAS Accreditation 2019