Roles and Responsibilities of the Working Together Team Specialist Outreach Teacher


  • To empower the setting to increasingly meet the needs of CYP with autism and/or social communication differences, within their setting.
  • To help identify the needs of the pupil with setting staff and family.
  • To set targets and advise strategies to help address these needs.
  • Signpost to resources and information to support settings to develop Individual support plans.
  • Provide copies of discussion records from observations/ meetings and list or attach recommended resources.
  •  Provide copies of this advice, where appropriate and requested by the Local Authority SEND.
  • Attendance at Multi-agency, Annual Reviews, SEN support reviews, TAC, ESCO meetings where appropriate.
  • To support schools to work towards, the AIM4Lincs Inclusion Mark and develop their practice working within the NAS SPELL framework .
  • To provide training bespoke to the school’s current needs.



Feedback from parents and professional is overwhelmingly positive. People clearly value the support, training and advice the service provides. The Working Towards Team can be considered an exemplary model of an educational outreach team that can demonstrate it has a significant impact on the quality and inclusiveness of mainstream provision across the whole county.” NAS Accreditation 2019