Roles and Responsibilities of the School, academy or college

• To contact the Working Together Team when you need support or advice regarding individuals with Autism, Social Communication and/or learning needs.
• To contact the Working Together Team if you require training. (Early booking for training days is advised)
• To pass on reports and relevant documentation from other agencies around the young person, to the Working Together Team
• To fully complete the “Referral to Service” booklet with family in order to gain further information and consent for the Working Together Team to become involved.
• Where applicable, a copy of the most recent statement/EHC, IEP/Learning map must be provided with the Referral to Service booklet.
• To ensure that time is allocated for the Working Together Team to discuss findings with staff/families following an observation. It is the school’s responsibility to liaise with families with regards to feedback meetings.
• When targets are agreed between the Working Together Team, school and family, it is expected that the school will address those targets so that progress can be discussed on the next visit.
• To ensure that referral’s and consent are updated annually at the start of the academic year for continued involvement of the Working Together Team.
• To discuss current training needs of the school so bespoke support can be planned.