Links to Local Groups

Lincolnshire Autistic Society

G.A.I.N Grantham area

P.A.A.C.T Lincoln area

LAAFS Louth area

Rainbow Stars Sleaford Area

Further informaton on support for parents/carers can be found via the Lincolnshire Autistic Society's website

Lincolnshire Local Offer

AET Links

The  Autism Education Trust Progession Framework Tool and Guidance

The Schools Autism Standards

The Schools Competency framework


Sensory differences

Sensory Processing Differences in Early Years-Leicestershire resource

Sensory Processing Differences KS1 to KS4-Leicestershire resource



Toilet training information from NAS

Toileting - Abitious about Autism article helping to understand the issues associated with toileting and advice



Autism and controlled eating 

Food and mealtimes at Christmas

 Dysphagia for people with Autism and Learning Disabilities (difficulties with chewing, swallowing and reflux)

PICA- What is it and what can you do to help-Options Autism help sheet




Supporting children with Autism to look after their teeth-Options 



 Anxiety Tracker- a tool for families to track details around anxious patterns of behaviour

An Evidence based guide to Anxiety in Autism-Autism Research Group-University of London

Useful information and resources available at 


Behaviour as Communication

It's the Little Things- Toolbox from ENABLE Scotland



Sleep Council Guide