Requesting support from WTT

The documents below are for use by Lincolnshire maintained schools and academies, though all requests for support should be discussed with WTT to identify the appropriate way forward.  

Referral process to WTT - flowchart showing how our referral process works

WTT Criteria for Involvement - what needs be in place  before the team is able to support a setting with an individual student

WTT Information about the service September 2020

Referral and Consent 2020 - updated document. No change to information requested

WTT Annual Renewal 2020

WTT Pre-information for request of additonal support 2020

WAGOLL Primary (What a Good One Looks Like)


WTT are able to support only the transition from Nursery/Pre-school into Lincolnshire maintained Primary schools/academies.

There is separate pathway for these referrals which must be discussed with the settings Early Years Specialist Teacher who are then able to share the appropriate documentation.