Autism Accreditation 

Autism Accreditation is UK’s only autism-specific quality assurance programme of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people. It is a way for organisations to show they offer excellent support to autistic children and adults. For more information on Autism Acreditation visit 

What the National Autistic Society Accreditation service say about us……….. 

"The team of specialist teachers possess a body of practical knowledge and understanding of how to support autistic young people. They can communicate this knowledge to others who are not specialists in ways which are accessible and empowering, promoting a strengths-based person centred ethos. They are considered as very professional and highly committed. The following comments reflect what appears to be an excellent reputation enjoyed by all members of the team." 

NAS Accreditation Report 2016

"The Working Together Team have been an invaluable service to our school particularly during a period of time when other serv icesare diminishing and support for schools is more difficult to access…We have had many occasions when we have faced barriers toaccessing support from other Outside Agencies due to a pupil’s complex needs, whereas the Working Together Team is extremelyaccommodating and will always go above and beyond to provide advice and support in order that the child and school’s needs can be met".

SENCO Quote from NAS Accreditation Report  2016


“The team always involve me with their work with my child, they forward me copies of their reports and findings and tell me the positives and any areas of concern and the best way to deal with any issue”
Parent Quote from NAS Accreditation Report 2013


 “The team have an excellent rapport with staff, parents and children. They offer advice that is exceptionally good and has a positive impact on the children involved.”
Professional quote from NAS Accreditation report 2013


“The outreach worker always very efficient and accurate in identifying areas of need and recommending strategies/programmes of bespoke work and to help the student move forward” (quote from a SENCo, 2013)

“Their advice is always tailored well to the children’s needs and the resources of the school. It is realistic and supportive.” (quote from a SENCo, 2013)

“The team are is one of the most useful and flexible outside agencies we work with and I really value their input and advice as I find it very supportive in supporting our children (quote from a   SENCo, 2013)

“When I have been at my absolute lowest and drained emotionally … the direct support to me is what has enabled me to carry on ... “ (quote from a parent, 2013)

“The service has established an excellent reputation throughout the County for being approachable, easy to access and able to respond in a quick efficient and flexible manner.” (NAS 2013)

"The role played by the team in supporting schools in completing the portfolio contributes to the AIM4Lincs programme in seeking to impact on practice in mainstream schools through the county-Area of strength” (NAS, 2013)




Criteria for involvement- updated July 2018Foundation Stage One/Pre-school children See separate Early Years referral pathway (Summer term prior to school entry only)FS2, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4-Mainstream Schools, academies and collegeso The setting has completed whole setting, Autism Education Trust training in Making Sense of Autism, provided free of charge by WTT.o The child or young person is aged 4-19 and in a maintained mainstream school, academy or college.o The needs of the young person have been discussed with WTT and a referral agreed in principle.o The young person’s needs are within the area of Social Communication.o The young person’s needs are a concern to both the setting and family (and possibly the young person themselves) and the setting do not feel they are able to fully meet the young person’s needs without further support.o The referral document has been completed with school, family and young person’s views. All parties have signed and dated to give consent including the Head teacher.o School and family have confirmed that they have read the roles and responsibilities section within the service booklet.o Supporting documents, including individual learning plans and reports from any external agencies that are involved, are included to show what has been put in place and the impact. Minimum of 2 cycles of assess, plan, do, review. (SEN CoP p100-102)o Training has been reflected upon and strategies have been trialled and impact describedo One named person within the school has been identified as point of contact.o The setting are agreeing to work towards the AIM4Lincs award.