Feedback Page

Dear Headteachers,

Lots of you were kind enough to approach me at the Heads briefings last month to feedback on the support you have received through the Working Together Team and the AET tier 1 training. I'd like to capture that in writing to feedback to our commissioners. Please could you reply to this email with a sentence or two about :
1: The support you receive from WTT and the impact this has had.
2: The AET tier 1 training and the impact it has had in your setting.

Your feedback is very much appreciated
Best wishes

"Thank you so much for the training on Wednesday, the feedback has been fantastic
Many thanks for the really detailed report for …., very much appreciated. I will be sharing with parents and ensuring that advice is acted upon. …… really appreciated your input."

"Your reports have been very helpful and have fed directly into targets and strategies for …. Thank you for your input."

"When I sat on the panel the reports that came through from your service were always really helpful and informative……… at the working end of the process and ensuring the right provision is put in to meet children’s needs and your reports are once again very useful. There is a huge wealth of information. I like the way it is now set out as I feel that report supports what has been put in place by the school and it feels that it has been chunked into manageable steps. I think this will enable SENCos to support teachers put into practice what needs to be done in a manageable way – so thanks very much."

"I sat with the class teacher and parent at ……and filled in your referral. This was obviously more work, but after addressing all the questions we realised as a group that the child did not need to be seen by you. A great way forward and very supportive."

"Knowing our …staff as I do, I was amazed at their response to your Training. They loved the way you engaged with them, the delivery and the presentation. They thought they were going to hear the ‘same old same’, but heard and saw lots to make them think."

"I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently for your immediate assistance. I had stopped believing in miracles."

"They are lovely……….made a massive difference to family life."

 "They are amazing ……. really helpful!"

"WTT came and observed my daughter in her mainstream pre school setting and met me afterwards. We were in the process of applying for her EHCP ( was statement) and she agreed to come to the multi agency meeting which turned out to be in summer holiday! Our daughter had been diagnosed by this point. Wished I had met….. (WTT) earlier and got her into the pre school sooner because the staff would have learnt from her and my child's time there would have been different."

"They have been great …..they are putting me on an asd course and they have put structures in school to help my son
They were really quick to respond they are doing classroom assessment and meeting."

"If I could hug you I would. Thank you, thank you, thank you"